Brunch is Happening!

You asked for it!  We’re bringing it!  Grab your bestie and/or your boo because BRUNCH is happening in both locations!  (Hammonton, NJ and Park Ave!)  We can’t wait for you to experience the brunchy goodness THIS WEEKEND.

Brunch Launch

Rise and shine friends!  Our doors will open Saturday, June 1st at 8:00 am.   We’ll serve brunch from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm on Saturday and Sunday and then switch over to our regular menu until close.

Brunch Menu:

Just have yourself a little moment and take a look at all the sweet and savory love.  Yes, dear friends, our classic best sellers are still available during brunch so we’ll start off with them, affectionately known as our COW CLASSICS!

Now, feast your eyes on our BRUNCH SPECIALS. #drumrollplease  Something for everyone and a little extra something for you and your boo! (Check out the waffle chacuterie #serves2)

We’ve also added to our beverage menu in true brunch style.  In addition to our much loved Spanish Coffee and Homemade Hot Chocolate, we’re adding lattes, tea, Café con Leche and Affogato Expresso.  (Yes, that’s expresso with ice cream. Your choice of chocolate or vanilla. You’re welcome!)


You may have noticed the Udder Bar section of the beverage menu. As we continually embrace all that is farm fresh and fabulous, we also wanted to add a non-alcoholic flair to our brunch with fabulous frozen, bubbly, and iced cold mocktails.  Cheers to you, for making healthy choices.   Featured in the picture on your left is the beautiful Frozen Blueberry Rita!  This mocktail is a shout out to our Hammonton NJ friends, since they live in the Blueberry Capitol of the United States!

Brunch is happening! Bring it!  Be sure to stay connected for daily specials as we are constantly creating sweet and savory goodness.  Take a look at this beauty from last week. To-may-toe.  To-mat-toe.  Any way you say it or slice it, she’s beautiful! (Scrumptious Chicken Salad, fresh tomato, over a bed of baby spinach with balsamic demi glaze and a side of spicy slaw. #chefskiss)


We are looking forward to longer days, summer vibes, and chillin’ with all of you!  And, don’t forget, if you’re feeling hot, hot, hot, our ice cream creations hit the spot!





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