Sabor Latino

Hello Friends!  Grab a cup of coffee (we hope it’s Spanish Coffee from the Funky Cow Cafe) and let’s spend some time together.  After all, our cafes are more than just fresh, delicious food; they’re about having an experience and gathering with your favorite people and sharing your stories.  We’d like to share ours.

Sabor Latino is a phrase that describes who we are and it roughly translates in English to Latin flavor or a taste of Latin.   For us, the words have so much more meaning and they influence how we prepare each meal and serve each guest.

Sabor Latino is the generous love of an abuela, a family farm in Puerto Rico and scrumptious recipes that providethe basis for some of our most adored entrees.  (You know me; I add my  own special touches and I know my abuela, Lola, would be proud.)  Yes, that’s right.  You’ll see Lola’s name on our menu more than once.  She is the inspiration behind the best selling Lola’s Cuban (you have not had a Cuban until you’ve had Lola’s Cuban #iykyk  #liveloveLola) and Lola’s Spanish Rice.

Sabor Latino also means we take extra care in how we prepare our food, using the freshest ingredients, homemade mixes and sauces and slow roasting our meats to reach savory perfection.  Our sweet menu items will make you smile and you’ll have the opportunity to express your own creativity as you build your own ice cream waffle. (Yes, there’s ice cream!)

Our menu items also include mac and cheese, chicken salad, trash bowl,  lettuce wraps and more as we create a space where there’s something for everyone.  We’ve recently added brunch which includes a Sabor Latino flair (#porkbene), a traditional favorite of bacon, egg and cheese and a sweet spot with waffle chacuterie for two, just to name a few.

Sabor Latino also means you are family.  When you walk in the door, you’ll be greeted with a smile and we’ll probably ask you about your day.  Our goal is to make it even better.  In fact, we offer on menu catering (follow us on social media for our soon to come event catering) so that you have more time to spend with those that matter most.

It is our passion and our privilege to serve you.  You have many choices in the foodie world.  You could have a meal or you could have a Sabor Latino experience!  Come visit the Funky Cow Cafe today!


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