Groundhog Day

It’s Groundhog Day and apparently an early spring is on its way!  At least that’s what our Funky Cow friend Punxsutawney Phil suggested this morning by NOT seeing his shadow.

According to an NBC New article, Ground Hog Club Vice President Dan McGinley read the decision, written in verse, from the chosen scroll and announced, “Glad tidings on this Groundhog Day and early spring is on the way.”

The last time Phil predicted an early spring was 2020. The 20212022 and 2023 forecasts called for six more weeks of winter.”

As it turns out, there’s more than one groundhog in more than one state. (full article)  This year all of them unanimously agreed that an early spring was on its way.  We’re not really sure what happens when they don’t agree; perhaps their ground hog ranking goes down?  Anyway, it’s all in good fun!

Some take the celebration a bit further by having the same meal every year and, of course, watching the Groundhog Day movie by Bill Murray.  (It’s playing more than once today and you can stream it from several places.)

Shadow or no shadow, when we turn the corner into February, we are always thinking ahead to all the possibilities that spring brings.  We’ll have outdoor seating at both of our locations. (Hammonton, NJ and Park Avenue, in Rochester NY)  We can’t wait for you to stroll on over.  You may even see some fun menu item pop ups here and there in early spring, as we add our own sunshine, so stay tuned and follow our social media. 

Until then, we’re ready with your sweet and savory favorites.  Feel free to have them over and over again!  Should you need a warm up, Lola’s Chicken Orzo is always on hand or a cup of homemade, melted chocolate, hot chocolate.  Our Cuban coffee also hits the spot.  A S’mores Explosion will have you dreaming of summer days; they’re really not that far away.

No winter lasts forever and whatever the weather, we’re here!  And, should you ever have a bad day that feels like it goes on and on forever, #billmurray, please come see us. We are in the habit of making bad days better!  In fact, every day, as we open our doors, we truly believe, today is going to be a super great day!

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