Dining Outside this Summer

Hello my Funky Cow friends!  Memorial Day is just around the corner; the unofficial start to summer, no matter what the calendar says.  We hope your days will be sun filled with just the right amount of adventure and that you take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy the fabulous blue sky weather whenever we have it.   Here are some ideas for dining outside this summer.


Headed to the Shore?

We hope so!  We’re a go to destination on the way there or back.  Order ahead and we’ll have your funky food ready to go!  Just throw it in your picnic basket and hit the road. Don’t forget our homemade iced tea! Can our secret recipe for it change your life? Absolutely!

Dine on our Patio

Our outdoor seating in Hammonton is ready for your funky self to enjoy.  Our Rochester opening is just around the corner too, so that you can be a part of all things Park Ave this summer.  Catch up with a friend; people watch, have a quiet moment to yourself.  You get to choose!  You never know who you’re going to run into when you’re dining outside this summer.

DIY Al Fresco Dining

Sometimes you don’t need to go further than your own backyard.  Create your own beautiful dining space with some tips from The Spruce:

  1. Choose your furniture wisely— we love these questions that will certainly set you up for success:
    • How many people will use it? Is the set for your immediate family, lots of friends, or just you and a special someone
    • What shape do you prefer? Most tables are either oval, round, rectangular, or square.
    • Does the size fit your outdoor dining area? Large furniture can cramp a small space while small furniture can look lost in a large space. Measure the space of your dining area before you go furniture shopping.
    • Are you looking for comfort? If your dining chairs will be the primary seating of your whole outdoor space, consider comfortable chairs with cushions.
    • Is there a style you want to match? You can match your home’s exterior style and colors with outdoor furniture for a cohesive look. Or you can even carry the theme of your indoor furniture outdoors.

The design of your outdoor dining set ultimately comes down to personal preference. Remember that outdoor dining is inherently informal, and there’s no rule that says the table and chairs must all match. Sometimes an eclectic look ends up being much more inviting and comfortable than a uniform dining set. Many people even seek out that look, purchasing inexpensive, mismatched outdoor furniture.”

Yes and amen.  Give yourself permission to have mismatched furniture. Let freedom ring!

2.  Set the Table

Tablescaping can make a great space even better.  (Follow @AlverioDesigns to see the latest table talk trends)  We’ll never say no to using fine china if it makes your heart sing, however, durable material is better suited for the outdoors.  Don’t be afraid to let your tablecloth talk.  Summer is all about brightness and patterns that will look dazzling with whatever fresh cut flowers you have from your garden!

3. Create an accessible ambience

String some lights.  Pair them with a pergola or drape across a fence. Find a fabric that works to create shade when you need it, if there’s no umbrella in sight.  Invest in a good outdoor speaker and a killer strategy to keep the bugs at bay.  Consider what you will need to make sure those who need extra room have it, whether it’s to turn around a walker or wheelchair or to keep toddlers steady on their feet.

(Read the whole article for even more ideas!)

Whether you’re  out and about or enjoying the treasure of your own backyard when your dining outside this summer, it will be our joy to be part of the experience!  Cheers to all the sunny days ahead!

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