DIY Bubbly Brunch Ideas

Hello friends.  We hope you are enjoying this interesting winter season:  rain, snow, sun, cold, windy, warm and whatever else is next.  While we can’t always plan on the weather, we can plan for a great gathering with friends.  We’re absolutely loving the Bubbly Brunch trend and we totally have the perfect sweet and savory pairings.   Here are some quick tips to build your own DIY mimosa bar

Juice it Up

Yes, orange juice is the go to for mimosas, but expand your horizons and consider these:

  • pink grapefruit juice
  • mango juice
  • pomegranate juice
  • cranberry
  • peach

You’ll find that many guests have their favorites and often mix and match. #sunset #poinsettas   Let the people mix their own and be sure to label the juice with a fun tag. Helpful hint:  everyone is always asking what they can bring to brunch, assign your questionable cooking skill friends the juice!

Bubble It Up

Champagne is the OG but consider:

  • Prosecco
  • Club Soda
  • Sparkling Cider (hard and non-alcoholic)

You’ll need to keep the bubbly cold so get creative with ice buckets, tubs and jumbo bowls.  Be sure you have some bottles at the ready in the nearest fridge.

Garnish It

Fresh fruit is a must.  The fun of the mimosa bar is not only the pour but the plop!  Make sure to include:

  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • pineapple
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • pomegranate seeds

Be sure to complement whatever juices you have with their corresponding fruit.

Tablescape It

Less is more, so let your containers do the talking.  Glass pitchers will showcase juice colors and if you’re a type A and have a specific color scheme for your brunch, choose the juice accordingly.  You want your guests to feel fancy so choose the glasses wisely.  With stem or without, choose a flirty flute and save the earth from plastic.

Be practical and include stir sticks, small spoons for the fruit and a discreet place to discard the fruit if needed before a second round.  Consider a darker tablecloth because you know you know who is going to spill.

Add a special touch of decoration after you’ve finalized what goes where on the table/bar.  Using smaller crates or baskets turned over can add to functionality and form.  Flowers, candles, vases, even a signature delicate lamp may be all you need to make the bubbly bounce.

Celebrate It

We’re seeing the Bubbly Brunch trend for weddings,  showers, bachelorettes and birthdays and that’s awesome.  Keep in mind, that anytime you can gather with those that matter most is a reason to celebrate, even if it’s just a fun day Sunday!

Our Funky Cow menu is filled with the perfect complements whether you’re looking for sweet treats or something savory.  Order online and we’ll have it ready!  Let the bubbles begin!

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