Beach Hacks 2023

Hello friends!  We hope you are enjoying every minute of the summer sun, especially if you’re headed to the shore.  So many beach hacks; so little time.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Freeze water ballons to keep your drinks cold and then when they thaw out, have a water balloon war.
  • Keep your sand toys in a mesh bag and a dust broom in your car.
  • Use a yoga mat instead of a towel to lie on.
  • Bring cup cake liners to cover your drinks.
From ABC News

A mom of four shares some of her go-to hacks:

  • Wipe off sand with baby powder.  Put it in a sock and just rub!
  • Take a laundry basket and use it for sandy towels, bathing suits, and keep shaking it out all the way to the laundry.
  • Use a fitted sheet with weights at the corners to create a barrier all around you.
From the Travel Channel
  • set a timer on your phone to reapply sun screen
  • if you do end up with burn, Early Grey tea can help.  Brew a few cups and let it cool and apply with cotton balls.
  • at the very least protect your phone and charger port with a zip lock bag.  If you want to accessorize or have even more confidence- there are also some fun water proof bags to compliment your suit.
From the Funky Cow Cafe

The best beach hack is to order online from us!  If you’re on the way to the shore, take us with you! While we love every item on the menu, for our beach goers we recommend the chicken salad blt or Lola’s Cuban, paired with a homemade iced tea.  Our to-go containers are perfect for your coolers.

If you have some beach hacks, we’d love to hear them!  Soak in the sunshine and make your splash this summer!



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