Fall Favorites at the Funky Cow

As fall comes into view, we’re ready for you!  While all of our sweet and savory waffles are fabulous year round, we do have a few entrees that will provide some comfort and joy as the weather starts to get a little colder.


Yes, we’re starting with dessert first!  Some days are just like that!

Enjoy this sweet goodness:  Sweet Waffle |  Warm Caramelized Apples |  Cinnamon Sugar Crumbs | Vanilla Custard

And, remember, when it comes to dessert, there’s always a build your own sweet waffle option, too.  You never know where your creativity will take your taste buds!


Chicken Orzo Soup

Yes, the soup is on and we’ve made it with organic homemade broth and orzo pasta.

It’s perfectly paired with any of our entrees or savor it on its own.   It’s heart warming and habit forming!

So, don’t wait until someone is sick to send it; this soup is a celebration.  Send some just  because! (Order online and we’ll have it waiting)


Lola’s Rice and Beans


You love her for the Cuban.  The rice and beans are just as wonderful and the perfect complement of yellow rice and Latin herbs.  It’s a versatile side dish that’s sure to please any time of year; we love it in the fall for a little bright light when the nights grow longer.

Mac n Cheese

Are you sad to see the summer go?  Could you use a hug?  Wrap your arms around a mouth watering bowl of mac n’ cheese.   It’s homemade, in house, and it shows.   If you’re ready for some football this season, you’re ready for this mac and cheese attack!



Warm and Cozy

Last but certainly not the least is the Warm and Cozy specialty waffle whose name says it all.   If summer must go, we can give it a proper send off with this savory waffle:  Roasted Pork | Caramelized
Apples | Brie.   It’s not going anywhere.  Thank you for your feedback.

Seasons change.  Our menu changes. (Do you even remember life before the #trashbowlsalad?) However, our passion and our promise to serve you with the best ingredients, in the most funky, welcoming atmosphere will always be a constant!  Come and see us and fall in love with fall!

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