Funky Cow Foodie Love Stories

Did you ever listen to a song and love it and then find out the story behind it?  It makes you love it even more!  The same is true with most of the items on our menu.  They each have a story behind them which we hope will make you love them even more.  Here are a few examples!

The Funky Cow

When I was younger, I spent many summers In Cerro Gordo – San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico on my grandfather’s  (Santo Alverio Sr.) farm in Puerto Rico learning from my grandfather all about vegetables, fruit, agriculture and more.

Years later, I remembered the farm and the cows.  These udderly beautiful bovines would become a part of a Funky Cow Cafe idea to serve the freshest, most wholesome, sweet and savory waffles and ice cream on the planet.  Memories are magic and they often show up in unique ways!

Lola’s Cuban

Lola “Aurora Roman” was my abuela from Guayanilla-Penuelas, Puerto Rico (grandmother, my mother’s mother) and she taught me about food and cooking great meals from scratch.  I was often at her side in the kitchen. Her recipes were filled with special herbs and love. Roasted pork was one of her specialities. While you may find a cuban on other menus, ours is unlike any other you have tasted and it’s in honor of a woman who created a legacy of food and family.

The Trash Bowl

If you’ve ever been to Upstate NY, specifically to Rochester, NY, you may have heard of a Garbage Plate.  At Nick Tahou’s (original creator) here’s what it’s about:  “the traditional Garbage Plate consists of two sides (usually home fries and macaroni salad, with options of baked beans or French fries) and a protein – either two burgers or hot dogs (white hots or red hots – more local food that confuses anyone outside of western New York).”  

The Funky Cow Trash Bowl is our version of this fun creation and yes, it’s in honor of the famous comfort food beloved by so many that is really piled high on your plate.

It’s also a nod to the idea to being adventurous (you have to be to order this meal) and to trying new things.  You just never know, at just the right time, when you’re living in NJ and going to have a drink in a bar in Philadelphia that you’ve never been to before, you just might meet someone from Rochester NY who will change your life forever.  When you create space in your life to dwell in possibilities, the adventure begins!

Speaking of adventure, as many of you know, we’re opening a second Funky Cow Cafe in Rochester, NY. (#seewhatlovedoes) We’re grateful for all of your kind thoughts and prayers!  Keep them coming!  We’re knee deep right now in dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.  We’ll have an update for you in next month’s blog.

In the meantime, be sure to share your stories too!  When you do, it keeps us all connected and we can learn from each other.   I was so fortunate to have such beautiful people in my family that taught me and gave me the confidence to add my own special touches. No one, not one, succeeds alone.

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