Summer Cocktails with a Slice of Healthy

It’s summer and the livin’ should be easy!  So we’ve take the guess work out of summer cocktails by sharing a few fabulous, healthy-ish (150 calories or less)  recipes to pair with some of our favorite Funky Cow menu items, which as you know, are made with only the freshest of ingredients.

Cocktail:  Lavender White Wine Sangria

Pairing:  Chicken Salad BLT


This recipe is from How Sweet Eats and we love the simplicity and the options. #makeityourown  It’s a great pairing as a nice white always goes well with chicken.  We also love how the bacon from the entree and lavender from the cocktail each add a unique flavor.


Cocktail:  Absolut Cilantro Rita

Pairing:  Lola’s Cuban

We love a good magarita but truth be told the calories add up fast in this sweet drink!  Absolut Vodka shares a recipe  with herbal and spicy notes so you won’t miss all the sugar!



Raspberry Pomegranite Rose Cocktail

Pairing:  Bangin’ Brisket

Hooray for all you “rosé all day” fans!  Here’s a recipe from Fool Proof Living that will add a twist of flavor to your rosé.  While we love a nice red with beef, this cocktail will save you room for dessert!


Cocktail:  Devil’s Sunset

Pairing:  S’mores Explosion

We realize you might want a little red wine after all, especially with a dessert that has Nutella and chocolate custard!  This recipe from Red Wine Dragons is for the adventurous (yes, there’s tequila) and it contains just that splash of Red you may be looking for!



Mocktail:  Hibiscus Iced Tea Sparkler

Pairing:  Anything!

For those of you that prefer a mocktail over a cocktail here’s a choice from The Schmidty Wife that’s super low in calories and added sugar plus it’s caffeine free.  The Hibiscus takes on cranberry tones which is why it’s perfect with the lime!  Feel free to experiment with any of the herbal teas you have at home!


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Cheers to sunny days and sipping slow!


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