Your Voice Matters

As the “official” PRIDE MONTH comes to a close please know that every month is Pride Month at the Funky Cow Cafe and that everyone is welcome here no matter what flag they fly.  We just ask that you are kind and respectful. (#nomeanies)

This year we have been more vocal in celebrating PRIDE and we appreciate your support.  We had the unique privilege of being the signature sponsor of the “It’s Not Personal, It’s Drag” show at the Eagle Theatre which also included a blueberry margarita signature drink!  We also proudly serve with Please check out the website for future events and/or contact us about how you can become involved.

We will continue to use our voice in intentional ways.  EVERY DAY all of us have the ability to make a difference in word or action.  It will be the little moments and conversations as well as the big moments, that will gain us momentum and propel us forward to a safer, kinder place of inclusion, not just tolerance.

Is it a risk as a business to align yourself with a movement that some do not support? Maybe.  However, to say and do nothing is the greater risk.  Within each of us is a cause we care about. It’s just how we’re wired.  So, when given an opportunity, we need to use our voice in both big and small ways to educate, to love, to support, to vote and to remain steadfast.  It’s the only way change happens.

We encourage you to use your voice too.  The world needs to hear what you have to say. Go ahead.  We’re listening!

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