Sowing and Growing

The brighter days we hoped for are here with longer daylight and warmer temperatures.  We’ve even had a taste of  August already! #somelikeithot People are on the move biking, hiking, walking, watering, running, and sunning and so much more as we begin to open up like the flowers and soak in the season.

Second Location

In this time of new growth and possibility, we are excited to announce that we’ll be opening a second Funky Cow Cafe location in Rochester, NY. (you might have caught a sneak peek on our website!)  We’re still working out the details of what might possibly turn out to be a late summer/early fall grand opening and we promise to keep you posted!

Why Rochester?

We’ve been eyeing Rochester, NY for awhile as it was chosen by more than one publication a while back (Apartment Guide, Wallet Hub) as a top 20 (#11) and even top 10 (#4) foodie city.  It’s also a city that I have grown to love, filled with people that I love, so when the opportunity presented itself this spring, the answer was “yes, let’s do this!”  We are passionate about what we do in Hammonton, NJ and we can’t wait to share the sweet and savory love in another location.

Later this summer, we will see and enjoy the results of the seeds that we have planted this winter and spring. I hope in some small way a seed has been planted for you.  In my personal experience, when you find your passion and your purpose, you’ll find clarity. You’ll know what you need to do to help your dream grow.  You won’t have to look far to find the people who will shine some light on you, provide you with cool water when you need it and help you prune, weed, and support your vision until it blossoms into a reality.

As we plan for the second location, so much has already fallen into place.  The process will surely prove to be a scary, yet wonderful, rewarding ride and I wouldn’t have it any other way because the greatest risk in attempting to live your very best life is to risk nothing.

Go ahead!  Plant some seeds!  I’m rooting for you! (#seewhatIdidthere)



4 thoughts on “Sowing and Growing”

  1. Maria I. Delacruz

    Felicidades my friend???…So excited for you as you branch out and take your Fabulousness to other places but you will forever be our Hammonton guy…God bless you?❤️?

  2. Funky Cows announcement is outstanding !!!.. Congratulations ? .. Reading what you wrote is so you and your business .. I love the Hammonton Location .. Your deserved and work hard for what you created for all of us . With a good heart to know Ricky is to love Ricky.. God Bless on this next Chapter?

  3. Welcome to Rochester, NY I so excited to know you expand to Rochester, NY. I moved here from Hammonton, NJ and whenever I go back to visit I stop by Funky Cow Cafe there along all my favorite places.

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