Funky Cow Wine and Food Pairings

We are so excited about every sweet and savory item on our menu and we hope you are too! Each fresh ingredient contributes to a phenomenal taste experience which can be paired with some of your favorite wines!

Chicken Salad BLT

Pair this delightful sandwich with your favorite Pinot Grigio. The fruity tones of apple, honey, apricot and lemon will complement the chicken well.

Bangin’ Brisket

Low and slow, these flavors are blended to perfection. Don’t be afraid to choose a full bodied Shiraz. The brisket will balance the tannins (natural compound found in red wine) And, since it’s summer, it’s okay to chill a little bit by refrigerating the red for just a little while; it will help the flavors come into focus and also make sure that the wine isn’t too warm for serving.

Lola’s Cuban

Definitely a fan favorite! Pair this lovely lady with a dry or semi Reisling. You may be tempted to go sweet, but don’t do it. The high acidity, the same levels you would find in lemonade (which is also a great pairing) will serve as a fabulous palate cleanser between each bite.

BBQ Pulled Pork

Anything barbecue, just screams summer! Pair with a Pinot Noir which has a similar smokey/spicy note like the BBQ sauce.

Perhaps you’ve already paired some of our entrees with your favorite wines! We’d love to hear about your selections. If wine isn’t your thing, no worries, stay tuned to a future blog with beer, cocktails, mocktails and more beverage pairings.

Whatever beverage you choose, we hope you enjoy each sweet and savory bite!

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