Live! Love! Eat! This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. I hope it finds you making merry and Christmas caroling, or making latkes and spinning dreidels or whatever traditions you honor.  Though we may celebrate in different ways, we have a common bond of family gathered in love and light.   And so, let me throw some sparkle your way with the very best wishes for a grand adventure where you LIVE, LOVE and of course, EAT!


In the midst of all the chaos that the holidays can bring, take a deep breath and remember the miracle of your heart beat. (You’re not telling yourself to breathe right now, and yet you are, you little miracle, you!)

Remember,as well, that you get to choose to live your very best life.   You may have to say “no” more than you can say “yes” and that’s okay.  Having less, doing less can often enrich our lives so much more.  Less can be more or maybe you really do need to think bigger.  Give yourself the gift of creating space to find out what you need.


Gather with those that matter most:  friends, family, framily, it doesn’t matter. Do what you need to do to sleep in heavenly peace.   And remember, no matter how big your table is there’s always room for more.  You’ll figure it out.

Love is love is love is love is love is love!  #linmanuelmiranda And I hope this season you embrace whatever that means for you whether it’s pursuing a relationship, ending one if you need to, celebrating the one you have or offering the gift of grace and forgiveness to someone who needs it. Choose love, even when others don’t.   And, please, love yourself enough to love what you do.  You’re going to spend a lot of time at it.


Good food and good friends is a great gift this holiday season. (yes, we do have gift certificates available!)  We all need to make time to catch up, to reminisce and to dream big as we see the New Year just around the bend.  Make a plan.  Make a call.  Send a text.  We’re making it easy for you to make a memory!  Keep your eyes open for LIVE, LOVE, EAT postcards that you can send to a friend (on us) or keep on your fridge to remember a special day.


As you embrace the holiday spirit, please know that you are a treasured gift and a bright light to all at the Funky Cow Cafe!

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