Thanksgiving Quick Tips

Hello friends!  As you gather for Thanksgiving this year, please know that you are truly one of the reasons we are grateful!  Because of you, we love what we do!  We’re also wishing the very best for you and your family as you prepare your holiday feast!  Here’s some quick tips!

The Turkey

ButterBall has a hotline.  Don’t be afraid to use it for any kind of turkey!  There’s literally a turkey talk line with real people and also helpful hints on their website:

Consider brining while you still have time to consider it. It makes for a very moist bird!  You can make it from scratch or buy a kit from places like Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walmart and Ace Hardware, who knew?)

Side Dishes

There is no prize for making every dish and honestly, most guests like to contribute if they’re not hosting. Stay in control of the meal and ask them to bring something rather than be suprised with a scary side.  If you’re looking for inspiration you can skim through these plans and please, as always feel free to mix and match. #youbeyou


Everyone loves appetizers but please be mindful of appetites!  If you serve too many, people will be stuffed just like the turkey.  Plan for a few that will tantalize the taste buds and leave your guest hungry for more.  See what you think of these! (Pomegrante, cranberry and brie? Yes, please!)


You can have a full bar, but it might be simpler to consider a holiday punch especially if  you have a few that partake in a little too much fa la la. (bonus: you won’t need a bartender)  Try some of these great ideas from #insanelygoodrecipes for cocktail and mocktail punches.


Remember, once again, you don’t need to make them all.  Less is more.  Also, consider that there are so many wonderful fund raisers this time of year for pies!  Get your order in now and serve a slice that gives back.   Because some people aren’t pie people, supplementing with cookies, ice cream and/or cupcakes is never a bad idea.

And, in the end, should your plan include dining out, ordering in, turkey sandwiches or pizza, good for you for carving out your own choices.  It’s not just about what’s on the table, it’s about who’s around it. As we gather together with those that matter most, we hope you have a beautiful day that serves as a reminder of all you are grateful for.

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